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Overturned equipment

Unstable ground kills heavy vehicle operator

A volatile surface ended the life of a mine worker. Authorities recently examined why a heavy vehicle overturned and killed the operator at an undisclosed site on 16 May 2023. “A bulldozer...

Dump truck fatality

Unstable ground fatally flips heavy vehicle operator

A volatile surface claimed the life of a mine worker. Authorities recently examined what caused a haul truck to fatally overturn at an undisclosed operation on 22 May 2023. “The edge of the...

Rio Tinto mine pit

Authority investigates driverless vehicle accident

Officials are examining what caused autonomous machinery to crash. The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) is still trying to determine how a driverless train suffered an accident...

Coal mine excavator incident

Heavy vehicle operator buried alive at coal mine

A resources employee became covered in tonnes of material at an operation. A Komatsu PC350 excavator operator was recently buried alive at an undisclosed open-cut coal mine. The worker had tried to...

Rolled truck

Inexperienced operator rolls heavy vehicle

A wide-eyed employee turned a truck over on its axis. Authorities recently investigated how a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) rolled over a strip of land along the road. “The driver had moved to the...

Mike Henry

Mining boss accepts blame for poor work environment

A resources executive acknowledged his employer was responsible for substandard conditions. BHP accepted fault for the recent deaths of fitter Nathan Scholz and colleague Jody Byrne. Scholz, who was...

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