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Dozer loses traction over grade

Dozer lost traction over grade
A dozer was left in a precarious position following a push over a grade.

The NSW Regulator has confirmed a high potential incident occurred when a dozer lost traction after a push over a grade.

In a release today the Regulator said that “an operating dozer has pushed over onto a grade and has lost traction and become stuck. 

“The operator has underestimated the grade and, combined with the hard and slippery material, he has not been able to get enough traction to reverse.”

“The operator removed himself from the machine and a recovery plan was developed.”

It has warned mine operators of the need to identify risks associated with working near a steep drop-off when combined with hard and slippery floor conditions. 

The Regulator said “Dozer operators should not be exposed to these risks when pushing shot ground. The risks must be assessed, and suitable controls must be implemented to eliminate or minimise the risks. Pre-task risk assessments (such as JSAs) should be considered as a minimum.”

Image: NSW Resources Regulator

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