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Five Ways to Improve Your Equipment Website

mining equipment websites require careful planning
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Mining and outdoor manual labour require a good deal of equipment, some of it to protect workers, and some of it to help with the modern mining process. All of this can be expensive, difficult to source, and even more difficult to get delivered to remote regions in which mining is most common. This is exactly why an increasing number of mining equipment websites are springing up to help facilitate the growth of the overall market, ensure the safety of workers, and provide a great service to mining companies worldwide. To make your mining e-commerce site successful, here are five tips to make your website more competitive.

Find Your Market

While mining supplies are required all across the world, you’re only likely to be able to sell to your geographical region. That’s because most of the products in your online store will be bulky and heavy (and mining companies often order in bulk) so that postage can be incredibly expensive if shipping is involved. You should focus on your specific market, and aim to boost sales thereby making adjustments to your site to show your location and shipping radius.

Upgrade Your Brand

Branding is incredibly important when it comes to the sort of equipment that you know will save lives, keep workers healthy and fit, and facilitate safe and secure mining. As such, your brand ought to present a strong, reliable and professional presence – one that can be trusted to get the job done. Don’t be afraid to undergo a complete redesign if you believe your brand is too soft or frivolous. You need to look solid and safe if you’re to encourage individuals to trade with you.

Tapping Marketing Hotspots

When marketing mining products, you’re faced with an interesting task. While most companies choose to market their products to many people, you’re clearly only going to need to market to miners themselves. Try to promote your website online on social media groups and online forums that are specifically catering towards the world’s miners, in order to get your brand placed in exactly the places where those will be interested in spending money on your website will see it.

Partner with an Excellent Ecommerce Provider

When it comes to the point of sale (when a web visitor clicks ‘buy’ on one of your products), you will need to ensure that they’re provided with the most seamless, easy-to-use, and speedy e-commerce software available. Compare Magento to other key e-commerce platform providers in order to select the best fit for your company, helping you convert more clicks to sales on your website.

Focus on Aesthetic

Even though you’re selling to a very particular set of customers that are no doubt less interested in how things look than how things work, it’s still important to invest a little time in making your products look and seem beautiful. That means smart web design, attractive photos of products, a simple and effective colour scheme, and a great branding cohesion. All of which will convince web users to stay on your site to find the product they need.

If you’re selling mining products to professionals in your area, use your website to boost sales, draw in more customers, and achieve dominance in your region. 

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