AMSJ » Industry rejects mining giant’s $5000 bonuses, perks

Industry rejects mining giant’s $5000 bonuses, perks

BHP mine worker
Mine worker

A resources advocacy refused to accept a multinational’s lucrative workplace incentives.

BHP employee representatives recently rejected more than $7 million in benefits. This means 1400 BHP workers will not automatically receive $5000 sign-on bonuses, travel allowances, matched super, leave entitlements, employee shares and more.

The Mining and Energy Union (MEU) defended its opposition to a new enterprise agreement (EA) at the Fair Work Commission, suggesting the Federal Government’s “same job, same pay” industrial reforms could offer even better perks. Labour costs are widely expected to increase due to the changes.

“[BHP is] free to provide its Operations Services (OS) employees a bonus at any time,” MEU Queensland district senior vice-president Mitch Hughes said according to News Limited.

“They should do so considering their ongoing attempts to lock OS employees into wages and conditions that fall well short of mining industry standards.”

More than 60 per cent of OS maintenance workers (1427) support the latest national EA. The employer submitted the deal to Fair Work for approval on 31 March 2023.

“Our team voted clearly in favour of the national enterprise agreement we put forward, which included a range of new conditions and a $5000 bonus payment. Now we just want to get on and give our people what they told us clearly that they want,” BHP Minerals Australia OS vice-president Matt Furrer said according to the media outlet.

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  • Is the union working in the best interests of the employees here? The agreement was voted on by the workers & the conclusion was that the majority were happy with this offer. Why is the union weighing in on something that has been voted on & accepted by the people who will actually be effected?