AMSJ » Milestone shipment of Bridgestone tyres arrives in Port Hedland

Milestone shipment of Bridgestone tyres arrives in Port Hedland

Bridgestone shipping truck tyres straight to Port Hedland

The first shipment of Bridgestone off-the-road (OTR) tyres from Japan arrived in Port Hedland on Mondy evening (11th Jan) which marked the company’s first direct and recurring maritime freight service in the Pilbara. 

“We are delighted with our inaugural direct freight service to Port Hedland which brings several benefits to our customers and the region as a whole,” said Gerry Duffy, Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia (BMSA) Chief Executive Officer.

“The direct freight service aims to increase customer value by reducing the time and distance that tyres need to travel to their sites while improving safety and environmental outcomes”, Duffy added.

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Previously, Bridgestone Japan shipped OTR tyres to Fremantle which were then transported by customers to their respective sites in the Pilbara. With the new direct freight service, truck movements between Fremantle and the Pilbara will be reduced.

The milestone shipment includes a range of Bridgestone OTR tyres from 24 to 63 inches in diameter. After clearance, the tyres will be stored at the BMSA Pilbara Mining Solution Centre (PMSC) in Wedgefield.

Roger Johnston, Pilbara Ports Authority Chief Executive Officer also added, “Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) is pleased to be facilitating direct freight shipments as a result of upgrades to our port’s biosecurity facilities.”

PPA’s biosecurity certification gives importers certainty that a wider range of products, including containerised cargo such as tyres, can now enter Australia through the Port of Port Hedland.

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