AMSJ » Mining celebrity suffered fatal fall due to lack of PPE

Mining celebrity suffered fatal fall due to lack of PPE

Ron Selig free falls from roof
Ron Selig free falls from roof

A beloved television personality free-fell to his death because he was ill equipped in Queensland’s Winton Shire.

Authorities recently finished examining circumstances surrounding Ron Selig’s tragic fatality at the Red October mine, 999km west of Rockhampton.

Investigators revealed the former Outback Opal Hunters television host did not wear a fall arrestor or restraint when removing roof screws at a workshop about 9:15am on 26 November 2022. He fell 5.8 metres to the ground and later died from critical injuries in hospital.

“Whilst Mr Selig was walking along the [weather] damaged roof line the ridge purlin gave way, causing Mr Selig to fall through the roof sheeting to the ground,” they said in Resources Safety and Health Queensland’s summary report.

“The other person remained on the ground and was looking through a toolbox of a light truck for some lifting and rigging equipment. On returning to the workshop the other person found Mr Selig on the ground in the middle of the workshop with visible physical injuries. The other person contacted emergency services via telephone.”

The following recommendations were made to site senior executives:

  • ensure persons required to work at heights have adequate knowledge and are appropriately trained and assessed as competent to perform tasks safely
  • ensure emergency services are provided with detailed instructions on both the location and travel routes to enable the most efficient access to remote mining operations
  • ensure that where persons are required to work at height controls are identified and implemented that eliminate the risk of a person falling. If this is not possible then fall restraint/arrest must be utilised
  • ensure repairs or modifications to fixed plant structures are performed in accordance with the original equipment manufacturers design and instructions, so that it remains fit for its intended use and work environment.

Operators were urged to ensure all plant, equipment and structures were maintained in a safe state, in accordance with original equipment manufacturer instructions.

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