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Mining giant retrains workers three times

BHP Newman
File photo of BHP Newman

Thousands of employees are likely to be coached again in how to behave at mine sites.

BHP recently confirmed its entire workforce would complete so-called “consent training” for the third time. The module covers what constitutes an appropriate sexual approach and “respectful behaviours”.

“[These are] much broader than just consent,” CEO Mike Henry said according to News Limited.

“Throughout the bystander training we give people the tools and the confidence to then be able to act upon it, and so then you get the 80,000 people across BHP participating more in the policing of the behavioural standards across the company.”

Henry was disappointed to find internal data shows sexual harassment rose 20 per cent across the organisation. This was despite two earlier rounds of training and $300 million spent on upgrading cameras, fences and security lights at accommodation villages.

He suspects workers still struggle to identify and report unsafe practices.

“The large majority of the BHP population, both men and women, find this behaviour abhorrent,” he said according to the media outlet.

“In terms of calling it out, doing something about it or reporting it they worry about being singled out, or they may not be quite sure whether the behaviour has crossed the line or not.”

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