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Monitor your own Whole Body Vibration

If you’re a mining truck driver, driver dozer or loader operator and you think that whole body vibration is an issue in your vehicle, you can now take some of your measurements through a simple free app called WBV on your iPhone thanks to the University of Queensland and Byte Works.

The application is intended for use within workplaces to provide a monitoring tool for use by workplace safety and health staff or plant operators. It is suitable for use to estimate whole-body vibration amplitude of seated operators of all vehicles, plant or equipment.

The application has been developed by the consultants at the Byte Works under direction of Robin Burgess-Limerick, Professor of Human Factors in the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre at The University of Queensland, AUSTRALIA. The project was funded by the NSW Coal Services Health and Safety Trust.

WBV supports the use of GPS, optionally in the foreground and always when background processing is used. The location information is included in the raw data file, which is available using the export features. Continued use of GPS running in the background (or foreground) can dramatically decrease battery life. You can turn GPS on or off using the WBV preferences, available from the Settings app.

Download by clicking the linked image below.

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