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Operators lost control of loader on ramp

operator lost control of loader
An operator lost control of a loader at a NZ Mine Site

In a report just in from New Zealand Minex, an operator lost control of a loader on a ramp at a NZ mine site. While driving a front-end loader down a ramp, the operator apparently experienced problems with the gears. He bumped the controls causing the bucket to suddenly lower bringing the loader to a sudden stop.

The driver was not wearing his seatbelt and was thrown
into the windscreen, hitting his head. The NZ Regulator has advised that a number of recent similar incidents have identified loss of concentration, operator distractions, poor maintenance on vehicles, and lack of operator
awareness as major contributing factors to incidents involving loss of control of a vehicle.

Despite compelling evidence to support the fact that wearing a seatbelt will give the operator protection in the event of loss of control of his vehicle, in many of the reported incidents operators were not wearing seatbelts putting themselves in danger of serious injury or death.

The NZ Regulator has advised that in the 15 months prior to September 2018, 156 incidents involving the loss of control of a vehicle had the potential to cause harm. The Regulator has advised mines to ensure 

  1. Procedures are in place to ensure operators of mobile equipment wear seatbelts at all times while operating the equipment. Training, awareness, supervision and possibly disciplinary action will need to be used to ensure compliance.
  2. Operators are trained and assessed as competent to operate mobile equipment. This needs to include model/equipment specific training and assessment.
  3. All activities are adequately supervised, including workplace inspections and task observations.
  4. Lessons from incidents, including learnings are shared with all workers.

You can read the incident report at the Regulator’s Site.

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