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Operator Safety Training with Guaranteed Results

Are you confident your operator workforce would respond correctly in an emergency event?  Most managers over-estimate the effectiveness of classroom and on-iron training.  Immersive Technologies has safety baselined tens of thousands of operators across the globe and have found the emergency event pass-rate for traditionally trained operators decays to ~50% within 12 months of classroom and on-iron training.  Mines across 47 countries have successfully boosted emergency event pass-rates to nearly 100% through training on Immersive Technologies Advanced Equipment Simulators.

Immersive Technologies solutions are designed to drastically improve procedural memory through repetition, multi-channel feedback and appropriate training design which incorporates the psychomotor, affective and cognitive domains of learning.  Recent customer case studies (available upon request at have achieved the following customer return on investment figures:

  • 81% reduction in operator safety events
  • 65% improvement in correct engine fire response
  • 100% compliance for operators responding to uncontrolled machine movement
  • 54% reduction in equipment damage through a 33% reduction in haul truck incidents
  • 86% reduction in traffic incidents

PRO5 Technology has delivered a new level of operator safety training realism. The PRO5 Simulator Platform was developed in close collaboration with mining companies to solve real mining challenges and is available for all makes and models of OEM equipment.

Equipped with a professional grade visual system, the PRO5 is the first mining simulator to combine stereoscopic 3D, a one-piece curved display, photo-realistic graphics and RealView TM head tracking technology. The PRO5 delivers realism at a level not previously seen by the mining industry. The platform builds on the huge success of its predecessors the PRO4 and before that the PRO3 and AES2B which became the global standard in the mining industry over the past 23 years, training over 150,000 mining equipment operators across 47 countries.

PRO5 Simulator Transportable – Professional Grade Visual System
  • Unmatched Realism – delivering true to life visual realism through photo-realistic environments and 3D stereoscopic display. The PRO5 visual system provides sensory immersion and depth perception at the highest levels possible.
  • Unmatched Reliability – designed to operate continuously in harsh mining environments the PRO5 utilizes proven professional grade components with extremely high mean time between failure. The platform is based on the most durable and proven design in mining simulation that has delivered an asset life of 10+ years with 99.4% system availability.
  • Unmatched Training Value – providing superior training value and continuous improvement capabilities. The PRO5 integrates years of learning and development experience and integrates new technologies and comforts for both the learner and the trainer. You can expect the highest levels of learning retention and skills transfer to the job, creating real operational value.

Powered by SimControl software, the platform delivers robust capability to design and execute a training process to meet specific mine needs.

  • End User Configurable to site operating procedures
  • Extensive Event Framework with over 400 situational training events
  • Accelerated Learning Aids utilizing over 200 guidance / feedback mechanisms
  • Realistic Machine Modeling with highly accurate machine dynamics
  • Data and Report Storage to ensure training is always recorded and data driven

PRO5 Technology provides tools and trainer comfort to increase training productivity.

  • A single 43” screen. This design optimizes the view for multiple tasks in progress.
  • Provides continuous oversight of all operator actions for just-in-time coaching, including dynamic visuals of machine information (speed, RPMs, brake application, etc).
  • Integrates training and administrative information, improving trainer efficiency.
  • Allows remote observation of OEM and third-party in-cabin operating screens in both live training, and playback mode during debrief

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