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Personal monitoring & social distancing

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How to stay at a safe distance with reporting software and personal monitoring

As employees begin returning to work, maintaining a safe and socially distanced workplace is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Health hazards such as noise and dust continue within the workplace, so personal monitoring must also continue. However, it can be difficult to deploy personal monitoring equipment while maintaining social distancing practices.

The Apex2 personal air sampling pump is the new generation for dust monitors and pumps. This tool has been specifically designed for potential explosive areas – such as the mining industry, as it’s Intristically Safe with IECEx certification. The slim, light weight and ergonomic design, demonstrates that the pump is unobtrusive to the wearer being monitored. It features a sturdy clip with a lifetime guarantee to help secure the Apex2 and the detachable rubber boot supports the tool, to guard against knocks. Paired with Bluetooth connectivity and the Airwave mobile software (app), data can easily be sent to a user’s a laptop, mobile or tablet.

Ideal for noise exposure measurements, the dBadge2 is a shoulder worn noise doismeter that measures all workplace noise parameters simultaneously. For a tool that only uses two buttons to operate, the dBadge2 couldn’t be easier to use. Casella’s dBadge2 noise dosimeters captures every possible noise exposure related parameter in a single measurement run, and makes it available for subsequent download and analysis. Through Bluetooth connectivity and the Airwave app, email summary data, photographs, and even notes for review or inclusion in reports can be captured. This tool is ideal for hazardous locations, positions, and filed data capture.

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The VAPex is a personal air sampling pump that’s been designed to give optimum performance for low flow rate applications. Its highly sophisticated control mechanism allows users to collect samples at extremely low flow rates to capture vapours and gases via sorbent tubes. This tool can store up to 200 separate runs, storing data including start time, stop time, date, duration, volume sampled and motion index. Its Intrinsically Safe design and remote operation via the Airwave app makes it ideal for modern-day sampling requirements. 

‘Trade In & Trade Up’

Control Equipment Pty Ltd has created a limited time ‘Trade In & Trade Up’ offer, giving workers access to Bluetooth enabled monitoring equipment which will allow social distancing when undertaking assessments. This allows you to ‘Trade In’ any air sampling pump or noise dosimeter to receive great deals on our Bluetooth enabled dBadge2, Apex2 and VAPex. 

Offer available now until the 18th of December 2020. For more information, click here, or email us at

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