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Mine-spec portable power distribution – one-stop-shop

Knowing that there will be safe, reliable portable power distribution is a must when planning for a mine shutdown.

Nothing can jeopardise a schedule and push-out down-time more than an interruption of on-site power. This can lead to a double whammy of increased costs of shutdown itself, and foregone revenue due to lost production. The mining industry also has its own set of regulations and standards when it comes to electrical equipment, so mining companies look for suppliers with specific sector experience and know-how. Is the power distribution unit water and dust proof (IP rating)? Is it easily transported and light enough to carry? What are its safety features? Do I need an on-site electrician to install it? So many questions.

Powersafe products Full range three phase portable power distribution
Powersafe’s full range portable powerboards can all be stacked and secured.

Portable power – a sought after commodity. Yet we all take available electricity much for granted. Typically, we only become aware of how much we rely on steady, reliable electricity when it stops. Reliability and durability are keys for mine sites – and that’s what runs through the DNA of Powersafe Products. But to highlight the true inspiration of Powersafe, as the name suggests, its safety – for personnel and equipment. Protecting personnel and equipment continues to drive product development and culture at Powersafe, right from its beginnings in 2009.

When it comes to manufacturing power distribution equipment – nothing is left to chance and every effort is made to meet Australian standards. Through this consistent approach, Powersafe is today regarded as the Australian market leader in power distribution – a trusted partner to ensure sites are reliably powered, that projects are completed without serious interruptions, and employees and contractors are safe. A price cannot be put on a human life – and that’s why Powersafe use premium components which meet every standard, test rigorously – not just components but entire units – and assemble here in Australia with qualified tradesmen.

As a proudly Australian owned and operating company, Powersafe Products offers you the safest and most advanced power distribution system available.

Three-phase power boards

With a unique range of safety features, Powersafe’s range of stackable three phase portable distribution boxes, are lightweight, easy-to-transport, and can be easily integrated into small or large sites. Variations to suit site specific requirements are available on all three-phase power boards.

Powersafe products - three phase portable power distribution
This side of Powersafe’s LB range shows three rotary on/off switches, complete with LED light indicators, and the clear window which makes it easy to identify parts. The thumb screws used achieve a positive seal, ensuring IP rating.

Single-phase power boards

All of Powersafe’s single phase boards come with IP66 rating and the extra safety of braided leads. Auto-switched and switched socket options are available. The Guardian is the perfect entry level power for board for those requiring IP66 protection, meeting requirements of mining sites.

Mountable/generator power boards

Easily attached to generators or workshop walls, Powersafe’s mountable power boards range from the single-phase dual socket GB10 to the single and three phase WMB08 which comes standard with five 32amp 415v switched socket outlets and six 15amp 240v auto switched outlets.

Extension leads

Every aspect of Powersafe’s extensions leads has been meticulously designed for safety and longevity. Their single and three phase braided leads, coupled with their purpose-built plugs and socket offer superior safety, and are all rated to IP66. Leads made to site specific requirements are available.

Cable protection

Powersafe carries a range of cable protection equipment – both vehicular and pedestrian cable covers, as well as high quality lead hooks and stands.


Did you know that portable RCD boards will not protect you on most portable generators? Powersafe’s RCD DUO combines a traditional RCBO and a unique Earth Sensing Device which physically monitors the earth circuit for voltage and current. This provides:

  • earth leakage protection on standard MEN systems
  • protection against faults to Earth in IT and TT electrical systems
  • perfect for use on Inverters, isolation transformers and UPS systems
  • available in Single Phase or Three Phase units.


Powersafe is one of the largest suppliers of CEE form switchgear in Australia (lead plugs, lead sockets, panel mount inlets and outlets, switched gear and reefer products), offering the highest quality, industrial strength at marketing leading prices.

As the summary above suggests, Powersafe Products is the one-stop-shop for your mine site specific portable power distribution needs. With distribution centres in Queensland and Perth, Powersafe is ready to respond quickly to orders, and with a five-year pro-rate warranty to give you peace of mind.

To contact Powersafe directly to discover more about their products and services, go to their website at or ring 1800 338 979.

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