AMSJ » Qld electric heavy vehicle rollout accelerates

Qld electric heavy vehicle rollout accelerates

Volvo electric heavy vehicle
Volvo electric heavy vehicle

A heavy duty range of battery powered trucks are one step closer to mass production.

The Queensland Government recently granted permission for Volvo Group Australia to develop battery electric heavy vehicles (BEVs).

The Swedish-headquartered manufacturer will trial the zero-emissions technology across the Sunshine State. This includes collision warning, blind spot detection, lane keeping assist, emergency brakes, dynamic steering, stability assist, underrun protection, passenger corner cameras and other safety features.

The 3-axle, prime mover has a gross weight of 44 tonnes. Up to six batteries power three electric motors, with a maximum capacity of 540 kilowatts per hour delivering a range of up to 300 km. An alternating current recharge cycle requires 11 hours while direct current only takes two hours.

The State Department of Transport and Main Roads has already begun facilitating access arrangements and permits.

“Information available from trials like this will help our engineers make sure mass and dimension issues with the take-up of battery electric heavy vehicles are managed in a sustainable way to benefit all Queenslanders,” State Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said in a public statement.

“Introduction of battery electric heavy vehicles provides opportunities to also bring vehicles with the latest safety technology features and emissions performance to our shores.”

Volvo has manufactured more than 75,000 trucks in Brisbane since the year 1972. It employs more than 800 workers and has over 100 local suppliers.

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