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Siecap and Minset are joining forces

Siecap and Minset are joining forces.

Brisbane-based companies Siecap and Minset have announced that they are joining forces with the aim of ‘closing the performance gap’ to deliver sustainable cost improvements to clients. The partnership of specialist project management and advisory company Siecap with Minset’s business improvement service represents an exciting opportunity for the two groups to combine their expertise.

With a wealth of experience between them, Siecap and Minset’s capabilities dovetail seamlessly to provide clients with a bigger, more established and more effective team to deliver cost improvement programs.

Siecap’s founder and CEO, David Irvine, said the arrangement will bring significant benefits to clients. “We share a common set of values built around strong relationships and a focus on delivering results,” he explained.

“Commodity downturns and the pressures of COVID 19 had led to significant cost challenges for organisations, and I’m confident our combined offering will provide timely improvements for our clients.”

Minset director Anthony Tarsilli reflected that their team was proud to be associated with Siecap’s sought-after expertise, augmenting that to provide a better experience for clients: “Supporting Siecap as their business improvement partner allows us to link an even wider network of specialist experience. For clients, they gain a broader suite of capabilities via a more seamless experience for complex projects – together, able to deliver a much better solution.”

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Siecap Advisory Board member Tim Crossley said Minset’s demonstrated experience in “getting things done on site” is a key strength that they will bring to the alliance, deepening their capability to better provide for their clients. Added to that, the partnership brings with it an expanded network of contacts. “We’ve got different relationships in the industry, so bringing them all together gives us a bigger resource pool.”

“We’ve all worked on sites in senior roles, and it’s all well and good to turn up on site and run a spreadsheet exercise to strip out 20 percent of the cost, but it’s how you do it that makes it sustainable,” said Crossley, adding that assessing problems with fresh eyes and identifying the seemingly untouchable ‘sacred cows’ within an organisation unleashes opportunities for change.

Siecap and Minset: Closing the Gap

Siecap knows that its ‘Closing the Gap’ initiative will deliver. As the name suggests, it examines ways to keep the cost position sustainable through all parts of the cycle. Identifying areas of cost improvement or yield and increasing them comes from a range of data-driven activities balanced with practical experience in the field.

“When industries find themselves at the bottom of the cycle, they aren’t making money and they say, ‘There’s no more low hanging fruit’,” explained Irvine. “That’s where we would like to come in, because it turns out there are always ways to extract more in terms of yield and productivity.”

Injecting Minset’s business improvement expertise means Siecap is confident that this will be a step change. The service will fundamentally scrutinise organisations and challenge every single aspect of operations – including the ‘sacred cows’ – to find smarter ways to achieve sustainable improvements in cost and productivity.

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