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cultural safety why do we continue doing the death knock before we improve safety

Cultural Safety | Why do we have to do the Death-Knock?

Spotlight on cultural safety | There is that awful rapping of the knuckles on the door. It usually has to be repeated 2-3 times; the manager always seems to knock ever so quietly. Why do you think...

Corporate spin in work safety can be damaging to incident prevention

Ethics of corporate spin in work safety

Exploring the ethics of corporate spin when it comes to workplace safety. John Ninness takes a look at the relationship between corporate spin in work safety and highlights that it has the potential...

responsibility safety importance of being a canary in a coal mine for safety


KEEPING YOUR MATES SAFE IN TIMES OF CHANGE…ARE YOU WILLING TO BE THE CANARY IN THE COAL MINE FOR SAFETY SAKE? Some time ago we spoke with Safety Psychologist David Broadbent. David shares with...

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