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Eacon driverless truck

$148M funding will triple driverless truck rollout

A foreign company raised money to deploy hundreds more autonomous heavy vehicles. EACON Mining Technology secured a further US$44.5 million (A$67.7M) in finance to roll out three times more...

Glencore coal

Coal demand soars despite challenges says report

Fossil fuel orders continue to jump in the face of growing volatility, new research found. Coal consumption recently hit a record high, rising 3.3 per cent to 8.3 billion tonnes during 2022. The...

Chris Ellison

Employer ramps up relocation from China to Australia

An innovative mining company will bring more overseas processing back to Down Under. Mineral Resources (MinRes) recently decided not to construct new refineries in China and do it in Australia...

EACON driverless truck

Employer deploys 100 driverless trucks

A state-controlled partnership rolled out dozens of environmentally friendly, autonomous heavy vehicles. China National Building Material Group and EACON Mining Technology recently deployed 100...

Overhauled JUG-A-0 loader

Why cheap copies can make you pay twice

Purchasing substandard components might save money in the short-term but they can also cost more in the long run. Drivetrain Power’s Mark Griffith and Simon England write. An old saying that a...