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dozer slides off bench

Dozer slides off bench

A dozer carrying out preparation work slid off a walk back and working bench near an excavator. The dozer operator appears to have misjudged the corner and driven off the edge. The dozer operator was...

dozer rollover

Dangerous incident- Dozer rollover

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported an incident where a dozer rollover occurred. It said “A dozer operator was cleaning up a bench floor at night when it  backed over some large rocks and...

track press serious mining incident

Track press cylinder fail results in serious injuries

The Queensland Mining Safety Regulator has advised of a serious incident that resulted in a mineworker being airlifted to a Brisbane hospital with a range of serious injuries. The report documents...

dozer incident at NSW mine. Operating body of water

Mining Dozer incident re-inforces risks of water

An incident involving a mining dozer at a New South Wales mine this past week has once again re-inforced the risks of operating dozers around bodies of water. A range of high potential past incidents...

mineworker dies in collision between light vehicle and dozer

Mineworker dies in light vehicle dozer collision

The NSW Mining Regulator is on the scene of a fatality this morning involving a collision with a light vehicle and a dozer. A mineworker was killed in the incident around 4.45 pm on Monday at the...

Downing in a dozer

Drowning in a dozer

While open cut miners are familiar with working around sumps in mines, very few operators may consider the potential scenarios of drowning in a dozer. The reality of an operator drowning in a dozer...