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A collision between dozer and haul truck

a collision between dozer and haul truck

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a dozer and haul truck collision incident occurred at an open cut coal mine.

According to the report, a dozer and a haul truck collided at a tip head. Both vehicles were reversing at the time of the incident. A preliminary investigation suggests that the truck operator did not follow the site requirement for positive communications with the dozer operator.

The Regulator said machine operators should not rely on the experience or previous movements of other operators as a substitute for positive communications. Lack of positive communication has been the root cause of many incidents and mine operators must consider higher-order controls including proximity detection. Mine operators should consider periodic refreshers in positive communications protocols for operators using mobile equipment.

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A dump truck collision with a dozer at a NSW coal mine has been reported by the NSW Resources Regulator.

According to the Regulator a dump truck collision occurred when a haul truck interacted with a dozer on a dump at the Mangoola open cut coal mine on 5 October 2020. As a result of the collision, the dozer operator sustained injuries and was transported to hospital.

The accident occurred at about 9am on Monday 5 October 2020. An experienced dozer operator was working on a tip head. A truck operator arrived at the tip head and was unsure where to unload but recalled an earlier instruction from the dozer operator to tip against the wall. The truck operator reversed to dump the load. The truck operator heard a thud and stopped the truck. The haul truck and dozer had collided.

The haul truck operator had 11 weeks industry experience and 4 weeks experience at the mine. The dozer operator sustained soft tissue injuries and was transported to hospital for medical review.

The NSW Resources Regulator has commenced an investigation to determine the cause and circumstances of the dump truck collision incident. The investigation will, among other things, consider communication between the operators, training and supervision, as well as adequacy of policies and procedures relevant to the incident.

The mine operator is cooperating with the investigation. A report will be published when the investigation is conclude.

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