Airborne rod

Airborne rod penetrates machine cabin

A metal bar flew across a work area and pierced through heavy equipment. Authorities recently investigated how a hydraulic porta pack propelled a rod with so much force it easily penetrated a machine...

Fail safe brake interlocks

Malfunctioning fail-safe brake hospitalises worker

Authorities are investigating how a mine employee became injured despite safeguards in place. Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) wants to know exactly how a runaway, light vehicle recently...

Collapsed boom damages truck

Catastrophic failure extensively damages truck

An aerial lift machinery accident severely damaged a heavy vehicle in North Queensland. Authorities recently investigated how a mobile concrete placing boom suddenly collapsed onto a truck cabin...

Final Report into Ranger Uranium Mine spill released

The final report into the leach tank spill at Ranger uranium mine in the NT late last year has been released, with mine owners, Energy Resources of Australia (ERA), given a light rap on the knuckles...

AMSJ April 2022