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transitioningmine worker to mine boss

Transitioning from a mine worker to a mine boss

MINE WORKER TO MINE BOSS – It is common for many employees in the mining industry to start at the grass-roots level and transition to a range of supervisory and management roles in various...

freedom of speech

Does freedom of speech exist in the workplace?

Cases involving employees who publicly express personal opinions and beliefs through social and mainstream media continue to challenge long-established employment principles. NICK LE MARE For...

Human factors in mining

Reducing incidents through human factors

Transport and heavy resource companies are spending more money and time implementing state of the art technology and innovative safety management systems; improving HR, training, risk management and...

PPE Programs and selection of gloves is critical

PPE | The last line of defence

PPE is clearly the last line of defence in mine safety but establishing effective systems for PPE use is critical to the success of any PPE programme. James Roughton and Nathan Crutchfield discuss...

risk avoidance research and locus of control

Mine safety research and risk avoidance

A new US mine safety research paper has shone a light on key issues associated with education and risk avoidance. The paper entitled The role of risk avoidance and locus of control in workers’ near...

Safety expert to speak in Brisbane

World-renowned safety expert, Professor Sidney Dekker of Griffith University, will be sharing some of his latest research during Safe Work Month at a breakfast presentation in Brisbane next Tuesday...

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