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A blitz on safety will occur in the mining sector next week

NSW mining embraces for statewide blitz on safety

The NSW mining industry will come under increased scrutiny next week after the NSW regulator announced a blitz on safety across the mining sector. “We will conduct a state-wide compliance blitz...

high pressure fluid abrasions to face

High pressure fluid release incidents

Incident reporting and investigations across the NSW mining industry have identified a range of uncontrolled high pressure related incidents where mine workers have been struck by discharging...

excavator rollover in dozer push

Excavator rollover after track crosses dozer push

An excavator has rolled over onto its side in an NSW open cut. According to the regulator’s report, the excavator rollover occurred in a dozer push area after a track went over a 0.5 metre to 1...

underground haul truck fire

Fire on underground haul truck | Drivetrain bearing

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a fire on underground haul truck at a metalliferous mine in the past week. According to the Regulator, a bearing collapsed on the drive train and grease was...