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Tech-based solutions facilitate plant inspections

REMOTE PLANT INSPECTIONS Mineral processing experts from the Sustainable Minerals Institute’s (SMI) Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) have embraced 21st Century technology to...

Safety management

How plant operators can secure future

Consistency is key Functional Safety Management (FSM) is vital in ensuring the long-term safety and standard conformity of a plant. Components of effective FSM include a safety plan...

Digger high potential incident at BMA caval Ridge

Another BMA Digger High Potential Incident

AMSJ have received unofficial reports of another BMA Digger ‘high potential incident’ in this past week at its Caval Ridge site 17 km south of Moranbah. AMSJ believes that the Caterpillar...

dozer rolls on side

Dozer rolls on side at NSW mine

In the week ending 4th January 2019, the NSW Resources Regulator recorded 73 reportable incidents. In one of this week’s near-miss events, a dozer rolls onto its side while operating on a coal...

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