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Another BMA Digger High Potential Incident

Digger high potential incident at BMA caval Ridge
A report has been received of another BMA digger incident at Caval Ridge

AMSJ have received unofficial reports of another BMA Digger ‘high potential incident’ in this past week at its Caval Ridge site 17 km south of Moranbah.

AMSJ believes that the Caterpillar 6040 (Unit 531 )digger involved in the incident was moving up a bench with its’ bucket in a raised position when the operator swung the boom resulting in the digger falling off the bench landing cab side down. The digger was working in overburden at the time of the incident.

The operator was apparently treated for minor cuts and bruises following the incident. Unofficial reports indicate that the digger was the same digger involved in the previous incident.


It is believed that a lack of training and experience at some sites are contributing to the increasing number of high potential incidents with BHP releasing a plethora of incident information to staff on a weekly basis.

Some BMA site safety issues have reportedly resulted from high staff turnover (where it is reported that contract operators are leaving to seek permanent roles at alternate employers).

The latest incident also follows the death of a dozer operator at the BMA Saraji Mine on New Year’s Eve.

AMSJ yesterday contacted a media spokesperson for BHP for comment. BHP have nor returned calls or email. The Queensland Mines Inspectorate has also not publicly released details of the incident.

More to come…

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