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Merceds Van damaged at factory by Caterpillar 938M Loader

Caterpillar loader ravages Mercedes factory

In what seems the ultimate act of betrayal on a former workplace, a former Mercedes factory worker reportedly maintained his rage for several years after being terminated from his employment. Shortly...

long reach digger incident

Long reach digger | Mining Incident

The NSW mine safety regulator has reported an incident where a long reach digger lost control of a machine due to soft ground when cleaning out a sediment pit. While the operator was not injured, the...

hydraulic satircase crushes mineworker

Mineworker crushed by hydraulic stairs – again!

Another mineworker has been crushed by a hydraulic staircase on a dozer after regulators found that a range of issues associated with wiring modifications that resulted in an unexpected staircase...

dangers of operating near water. truck on its side water storage dam

Dangers of operation around bodies of water

A recent incident at a NSW mine has re-inforced the requirement for safety management plans when mine personnel and equipment are operating around bodies of water. In the latest ‘body of...

An ivestigation into a counterweight fall in being conducted

Counterweight near miss

Worksafe Victoria mining safety regulator has reported a near-miss with a counterweight at a mine site. According to the regulator, a 20-tonne counterweight fell approximately 30 metres from its...

Digger high potential incident at BMA caval Ridge

Another BMA Digger High Potential Incident

AMSJ have received unofficial reports of another BMA Digger ‘high potential incident’ in this past week at its Caval Ridge site 17 km south of Moranbah. AMSJ believes that the Caterpillar...

Safety Bulletin - drive shaft fire

Safety Alert: Fire in drive shaft of dump truck

While travelling down a haul road, a small fire started in the drive shaft of a dump truck. The driver of the truck travelling behind asked the driver to pull over and advised the driver that there...

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