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Caterpillar loader ravages Mercedes factory

Merceds Van damaged at factory by Caterpillar 938M Loader

In what seems the ultimate act of betrayal on a former workplace, a former Mercedes factory worker reportedly maintained his rage for several years after being terminated from his employment. Shortly after New Year this year, he ravaged his former employers property after using a 16 tonne Caterpillar 938M wheeled loader to destroy Mercedes vans in a factory parking lot.

According to Spanish news Periodismo Del Motor, the 38-year old, stole a Caterpillar 938M loader and drove 21 km to the factory located in Spain’s Basque region.

Caterpillar 938M used to ravage mercedes factory
Caterpillar 938M used to ravage Mercedes Factory

After reaching the factory, he made the unwise decision to drive the loader into approximately 69 new Mercedes Class V vans which recently came out of assembly line.

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According to reports, there were no injuries since this incident took place when not many people were present on the site, besides security employees and maintenance workers, according to a report in Spanish auto news outlet Periodismo Del Motor.

Caterpillar 938 M destroys Merceds factory holding yard

“Police arrived at the scene of the damage to find the man at the wheel of the (caterpillar) smashing into the parked vehicles. He was held on suspicion of causing criminal damage,” according to the police report in the matter.Eventually, the security personnel fired a warning shot in the air and managed to overpower the accused before handing him to officials.

Deliveries of Mercedes V-Class, Vito, e-Vito and EQV vehicles will likely be delayed as a result of the incident.

In 2017, a Western Australian miner also used a wheeled loader on a drunken rampage near the Goldfields town of Leonora.

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