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Long reach digger | Mining Incident

long reach digger incident

The NSW mine safety regulator has reported an incident where a long reach digger lost control of a machine due to soft ground when cleaning out a sediment pit.

While the operator was not injured, the incident reflects the requirement for managing soft ground issues.

The Regulator said that the operator was digging out a sediment pit with a long-reach digger when the ground at the front of the digger gave way and the digger tipped forward about 45 degrees. 

The operator lowered the bucket to stabilise the digger and exited the machine. The excavator was working from a constructed bench to remove sediment and load it into a haul truck.

In a release today it said “Equipment operators must maintain situational awareness and remain vigilant to the risk of machine rollovers. Suitable bunding should be in place to protect mobile plant from accessing edges of benches. If bunding is not installed, there should be adequate demarcation of the work area, so operators are aware of their positioning in relation to the bench edge.”

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