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Water cart

Blind spot tears roof off water truck cabin

Two heavy vehicle operators learnt the hard way not to make sure an adequate perimeter is established before performing high-risk work. A 36 tonne excavator began stockpiling hammered material for...

Collision between an excavator and dozer

Collision between an excavator and a dozer

The NSW Resources Regulator has published an investigation report into a collision between an excavator and a dozer at Maules Creek Mine on 26 May 2021. Figure 2 According to the report, a dozer was...

Excavator INCIDENT

Excavator rollover incidents

INCIDENT 2 WorkSafe New Zealand has published a safety alert that highlights the serious health and safety risks involved when operating excavators. In the last 18 months, there were five excavator...

Excavator engulfed by fire

Excavator engulfed by fire

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a fire incident that occurred on an excavator at an underground coal mine. According to the report, the excavator operator jumped clear of the cabin to escape...

Foot Injury

Excavator Access Ladder Causes Foot Injury

Resources Safety & Health Queensland released a safety alert on a recent incident at a Central Queensland surface coal mine. According to the report, an excavator retractable access ladder was in...

long reach digger incident

Long reach digger | Mining Incident

The NSW mine safety regulator has reported an incident where a long reach digger lost control of a machine due to soft ground when cleaning out a sediment pit. While the operator was not injured, the...

excavator fire at a nSW coal mine highlights needs for effective fire suppression

Excavator fire at open-cut coal mine

An excavator fire at an open cut coal mine was extinguished using an onboard fire suppression system and additional support from a water cart. The NSW Resources Regulator has confirmed the incident...

excavator cab dislodgement

Lessons from excavator cab incident

On 10 October 2016, the operator cabin of a 250-excavator dislodged and fell onto the tracks of the machine at the Mangoola Coal Mine. The operator had to be rescued from the cabin by the mine’s...

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