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Safety Alert: Fire in drive shaft of dump truck

Safety Bulletin - drive shaft fire

While travelling down a haul road, a small fire started in the drive shaft of a dump truck. The driver of the truck travelling behind asked the driver to pull over and advised the driver that there was a fire under the truck. They used fire extinguishers to put the small fire out. The fire had started due to a build-up of rubbish caught around the drive shaft of the dump truck.

The attention and quick action of the second dump truck operator ensured this incident wasn’t more serious or involved greater damage to the dump truck.


We recommend that all sites review procedures, and practices, to ensure that:

  • Pre-start checks on mobile equipment are conducted daily or before any equipment is operated on a shift.
  • Pre-start checks on mobile equipment include checking the underbelly of the plant, including the drive shaft, for the build-up of rubbish, dirt etc. on critical drive components.
  • Workers are trained in, and regularly reminded of, the need to conduct physical pre-start checks, not just “fill out the form”.
  • Regular workplace inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with the procedures listed above.

Let’s work together to keep ourselves and our workers safe.

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