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Preventing fires on mobile plant


A review of data has identified a concerning increase of reports of fires on mobile plant in New South Wales. The reported fires have generally been caused by either the escape of fluids ignited by the hot surface of an engine, or electrical wiring faults. Preventing fires on mobile plant is fundamental to minimising the risk of injury or fatalities in the mining industry

The Resources Regulator has developed a discussion paper and other resources as a first step in consultation about the use and possible regulation of mitigation strategies for the prevention of fires on mobile plant. The Resources Regulator seeks your feedback on the current and future use of fire-resistant fluid in mobile plant in New South Wales mines and other solutions, for example surface temperature control by water jacketing and other methods, to reduce the number of fires on mobile plant.


You are invited to respond to some or all the questions posed in this discussion paper and provide any additional information on matters you think should be considered in relation to the use of fire-resistant fluids in mobile plant in mining applications.

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