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Fire detection for underground mining

How fibre optics fire detection technology is improving safety on underground mines. Once an underground mine fire is ignited it can be very difficult to put it out, with serious consequences for the...

fire incident at underground coal mine

Fire accident at an underground coal mine

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported a fire accident that occurred on a compressor at an underground coal mine. Two workers suffered nausea and headaches after taking about 30 minutes to...

Advanced Photonics Australia

What is the price of a fire?

Mine site fire is one of the biggest threats to operations, production and employee safety and can undermine assets in a matter of hours. According to an estimate of Engineer Live, in the last decade...

United Safety Telematics and Vehicle Fire Suppression

Telematics & Vehicle Fire Suppression

Telematics is now a low-cost solution for monitoring your vehicle fire suppression systems on lead machines. United Safety has an integrated solution with a web portal which allows the user to set...

Fire System Maintenance

Fire System Maintenance – Did I get what I paid for?

One of the biggest investments a company can make is compliance. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is assuming compliance. Many miners are looking to do the right thing and meet the...

Fire suppression

Fire Suppression – Which one do I choose?

Fire suppression for mining vehicles and machines are generally one of five types: Water Mist with AFFF Foam spray systemsDry Chemical PowderDual Agent (powder and liquid cooling agent)Aerosol...