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Fire Suppression – Which one do I choose?

Fire suppression

Fire suppression for mining vehicles and machines are generally one of five types:

  1. Water Mist with AFFF 
  2. Foam spray systems
  3. Dry Chemical Powder
  4. Dual Agent (powder and liquid cooling agent)
  5. Aerosol generators

Fire safety & suppression

Fire safety & suppression

Each system has its benefits and suitability for different applications. In the mining sector, the systems that provide cooling due to their suppression capabilities are the most common. Some systems have been more successful in territories or markets than others. For example, the use of dry chemical powder is seldom used in Western Australia. The majority of Australia’s buses have water mist systems. The mines on the eastern side of Australia generally use foam spray systems for the larger machines and water mist for the more compact machines.

It is important to undertake a risk assessment before considering a fire system. The outcomes of the risk assessment should include:

1. What is the environment the machine will be working in?

2. What is the known historical thermal incident?

3. What area should be protected, and why?

4. How will the operator escape safely if there is a fire in the nominated risk areas?

5. What is the required discharge time of the system?

6. Should the machine automatically be shut down, and after how many seconds?

7. Should the fire system provide cooling to stop reflash?

In addition to the above questions, it is important to have a service partner who provides proactive maintenance and ensures compliance with the regulations. You do not want to pay for a fire system then find out later that does not comply with AS5062 or the local regulations. United Safety manufactures and distributes each type of fire system, so there is no preference for what to offer our clients. We ensure you have a system that fits your requirement. Contact United Safety and allow our team to present the range of fire systems and provide detail on the benefits of each; in their intended applications.

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