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Glencore Safety Performance 2020

Glencore Clermont Coal

In a report to shareholders, Glencore Safety Performance for 2020 Report YTD revealed that the group fatality performance declined to 8 fatalities vs 17 in the 2019 year.

The Glencore group confirmed that enhanced fatality reduction program was having an effect on safety performance with a range of initiatives benefiting safety in the group. These included:

  • Leadership focussed deep-dive reviews at underperforming sites
  • Significant safety interventions in areas requiring rapid change
  • Restructuring of safety support function across a large part of business 
  • Enhanced incident investigation, lessons learnt and action close-out processes
  • Overhaul of corporate safety program “SafeWork” with the relaunch in 2021
Glencore Health & Safety

The company has also established a three-year strategy on HSEC and Human right and is revising all external and internal targets in respect of the business. It said Corporate and Departmental HSEC Team would be restricted to facilitate the changes.

Glencore to lay off contractors in the Hunter Valley

Join BHP for the Fatality elimination program

Other health and safety systems an initiatives would include:

  • Developing and implementing programs/systems 
  • New public policies on Health & Safety, Environment, Social Performance, Human Rights and Tailings Management –to be released in 2021
  • New management and technical standards to consistently deliver on performance 
  • Relaunch of SafeWorkprogram
  • Focus on action management from incidents and HSEC Audits
  • Strengthening the governance and overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd line assurance processes.
  • Continuing to drive strong governance on Tailings Management and on the ground progress

In the overview to investors, the group Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg said that the company would direct the company towards a Paris aligned strategy while meeting growing everyday needs for affordable and reliable energy, infrastructure and transportation. He confirmed the business would strategically decarbonise energy demands through non-fossil commodities.

The company predicted a growing demand for Copper, Nickel, Cobalt and Zinc.

Glncore prosed demand mineral resources

Note: Glencore modelled annual average change in demand from 2020 to 2050 under a Rapid Transition (IEA SDS) scenario (+1.5°c). 

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