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Benchmarking WHS culture & performance


In an effort to achieve world-leading WHS, MSAC has also developed a program to benchmark WHS culture and performance.   This program will be used as a leading indicator to monitor the industry’s WHS culture and enable individual operations to benchmark against industry standards. It will be used to identify and develop strategies to drive continuous improvement.  The program, which is currently being implemented across New South Wales, is supported by major mining companies. The information collected from the standardised questionnaire and focus groups will be compiled and made available to mining operations in NSW through the MSAC website

“MSAC has also been learning from high risk industries such as aviation, that human factors play an important role in effective management of WHS risk.”

For the industry to have world-leading WHS, workers at all levels of the organisation must be  able to actively participate in the development  and implementation of safe, efficient and  productive processes.  MSAC has also been  learning from high risk industries such as aviation, that human factors play an important  role in effective management of WHS risk.

Over time the industry has faced and overcome many challenges. Over the next few years the challenge will be leading the next change in WHS management and performance.

Effective and resilient WHS cultures with people who actively participate are fundamental to this change.

Hon. John Planta Hannaford



John Hannaford is Chair of the Mine Safety Advisory Council.

John is a solicitor/mediator and is a director and business partner in Higher Education, Tourist, Aged Care and rural business activities. He is also a member of the Professional Standards Review Panel of the Catholic Church.

For seven years John was an Examiner with the Australian Crime Commission; and, prior to that he was a director of a number of public, private and Government-controlled companies.

He was an Adjunct Professor at the Law School of the University of Technology Sydney. He has been an arbitrator with the NSW District Court and the NSW Workers Compensation Tribunal whilst providing mediation/arbitration and business facilitation services to Government and business organisations.

He was a Member of the NSW Parliament for 16 years where he was Leader of the Government and Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council; he was also Attorney-General and Minister for Justice as well as holding the portfolios of Industrial Relations; Health and Community Services and State Development.

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