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Join BHP for the Fatality Elimination Program

BHP Fatality Elimination Program

BHP are stepping up their efforts towards eliminating fatalities and have commenced a global safety improvement initiative that will enable a step change to permanently remove fatalities across the business.

A central component to this initiative is to assess industry best practice and to gather a broad range of insights and innovation to achieve the goal of fatality elimination. 

BHP reduces emissions from electricity use by 50 per cent

Therefore, BHP and Austmine are launching the Program on Wednesday 16th September, 12:45 – 1:30pm AEST, to invite organisations and individuals to put forward emerging solutions that can enhance safety and reduce workforce risk at BHP’s global operations.

“Without question, we must become even safer. We have been reducing the rate at which people are being seriously injured or worse, but this isn’t good enough. We must focus on eliminating fatalities and high potential injuries.” – Mike Henry, CEO, BHP

The launch webinar event will: 

  • Overview BHP’s fatality elimination strategy and their focus on major operational risks
  • Discuss the importance of engaging the METS sector in this process 
  • Outline the purpose and outcomes of the program
  • Detail the submission process to provide emerging solutions to BHP

Webinar speakers: 

  • Sundeep Singh, Group Procurement Officer, BHP
  • Cristian Sandoval, VP Safety & Security, BHP
  • Martin Collard, Chief Collaboration Officer, Austmine (Host)

Find more information about the Fatality Elimination Program on website and register for the webinar here.  

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