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United Safety Telematics and Vehicle Fire Suppression

Telematics & Vehicle Fire Suppression

Telematics is now a low-cost solution for monitoring your vehicle fire suppression systems on lead machines. United Safety has an integrated solution with a web portal which allows the user to set...

Fire System Maintenance

Fire System Maintenance – Did I get what I paid for?

One of the biggest investments a company can make is compliance. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is assuming compliance. Many miners are looking to do the right thing and meet the...

Fogmaker Water Mist Fire Suppression System

What is Fogmaker Water mist?

Fogmaker Water Mist Fire Suppression System looks to be a recent technology, although it has a 25-year heritage. Initially designed for rally cars (this is why it is a piston accumulator design and...

Aerosol Fire Suppressio

Aerosol Fire Suppression – What are they?

Aerosol generators are fast becoming the ‘go-to’ replacement for gas systems. The reasons for this are cost advantages, performance, environmental benefits, and off-the-shelf availability. Gas...

Fire suppression

Fire Suppression – Which one do I choose?

Fire suppression for mining vehicles and machines are generally one of five types: Water Mist with AFFF Foam spray systemsDry Chemical PowderDual Agent (powder and liquid cooling agent)Aerosol...

QTEC Fire Suppression – Buy Australian Made

Fire Suppression – Australian Made

In this COVID new world, it is more than ever important to support Australian made. United Safety manufactures the QTEC Foam Spray system, which complies with AS5062-2016. The QTEC system is a...

FOGMAKER United Safety Survivability Corporation

Fire safety & suppression

Fire safety is vitally important for the safety of all businesses and people alike, and after installing over 10,000 Fogmaker systems throughout Australia, United Safety & Survivability...

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