AMSJ » Fire System Maintenance – Did I get what I paid for?

Fire System Maintenance – Did I get what I paid for?

Fire System Maintenance

One of the biggest investments a company can make is compliance. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is assuming compliance. Many miners are looking to do the right thing and meet the legislated requirements for fire systems. Many fire companies provide a suitable level of compliant servicing, and some don’t. The question is, how does a mine determine if they are receiving OEM parts at each service? Do you know what foam has been put in your fire system?

Fire Suppression – Which one do I choose?

Fire Suppression – Australian Made

There are some simple indicators to assist you in a basic audit.

  1. Generally, the OEM gauges will have the OEM name.
  2. Check the gauges on the cylinders, and the actuators are clearly branded and are of the same brand.
  3. Alarm panels, in most cases, are branded to the cylinder sticker.
  4. Your fire company should be able to provide you with the owner’s manual (and maintenance manual) for each system they service for you.
  5. Ask the fire technician to explain if this is a compliant system and how it meets compliance – look for confidence and ease of explanation.
  6. Ask to see the foam (or powder) to be used for the round of servicing they’re about to undertake – generally, the foams are branded, or the owner’s manual will provide detail.

The wrong nozzle can be life-threatening.

If the incorrect nozzles or foam are used on a system, the system does not comply with any standard. Foam is no longer just foam. The new fluorine-free foams can vary greatly; degraded performance through the wrong nozzle can be life-threatening.

There are non-genuine aftermarket parts available for service and maintenance of some of the more popular fire systems – don’t be caught unaware of what is on your machine.

United Safety can assist in the identification of aftermarket and non-genuine parts. Contact our team today to learn more.

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