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What is Fogmaker Water mist?

Fogmaker Water Mist Fire Suppression System

Fogmaker Water Mist Fire Suppression System looks to be a recent technology, although it has a 25-year heritage. Initially designed for rally cars (this is why it is a piston accumulator design and works at any angle – just in case of a rollover), it was then taken into the bus sector. United Safety became the Australian distributor in 2009 and modified the system to meet the harsh mining environment and subsequent certification to AS 5062.

Fire safety & suppression

Fire Suppression – Which one do I choose?

Due to the efficient use of water, the Fogmaker System uses approximately 1/10th of the water consumption of conventional foam spray systems. This results in less weight and a more compact system. These attributes provide Fogmaker with a unique advantage over its larger cousins when it comes to the latest generation of machines becoming more and more compact, making it cost-prohibitive to build platforms to hold the larger conventional systems.

Fogmaker systems can be installed at any angle

One litre of water can generate 1,700 litres of steam. This is what smothers and actively cools the engine compartment. Coupled with a foam additive to cover any fuel pools, this attacks all three sides of the fire triangle. The Fogmaker system can be installed in toolboxes or at any angle and willfully discharge due to the patented piston accumulator design. The calculated discharge is generally between 40 to 90 seconds, with certification up to 96m3.

It is a common misconception that water mist systems are for enclosed spaces only. Water mist can also be designed for open engines or to encapsulate a risk.

Uses include underground mining

Light Vehicles and underground machines are a large market for the Fogmaker System. The compact nature allows fitment in areas that other systems could never fit (or function if installed horizontally). The year 2020 has seen the metro tunnelling contracts adopt the Fogmaker Systems along with the Snowy Hydro 2.0. Steady growth in all markets coupled with service agents and nationally located offices provide the Fogmaker System with matching support. Contact United Safety and allow our team to present to you our range of fire systems and provide detail on the benefits of each in their intended applications.

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