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Telematics & Vehicle Fire Suppression

United Safety Telematics and Vehicle Fire Suppression

Telematics is now a low-cost solution for monitoring your vehicle fire suppression systems on lead machines. United Safety has an integrated solution with a web portal which allows the user to set thresholds on multiple sensors.

Notifications can be sent to your phone or device to alert the user if there is a slow leak in the detection network or cylinder. Slow leaks can result in the lead machine being stood down, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour. With advanced notification, a technician can be scheduled well in advance, and the leak rectified before resulting in a system activation.

In addition to fire system status, the United Safety monitoring solution also offers location, speed, and rollover monitoring as standard features. Utilisation, run time, and idle time can be reported based on ignition, alternator status, vibration, and speed above a threshold.

Additional sensors can be added to monitor different temperatures such as in the engine compartment, pressures, liquid levels, flow rates and more. Want to monitor your vehicle engine as well? The United Safety monitoring solution can connect to J1939 CAN systems to monitor engine, tire pressure monitoring and other parameters.

United Safety Telematics and Vehicle Fire Suppression APP

‘Improve your bottom line by proactively monitoring your Vehicle Fire Suppression System.’

The Premium S.M.A.R.T Panel has been designed to interconnect with the Telematics system to report on fire system status. The data gained from 24x7x365 monitoring also allows for more accuracy in fire investigations. United Safety can provide end to end telematics solutions for monitoring all types of sensors. If there is a sensor available, we can remotely monitor and report on it.

With the United Safety monitoring solution, your data is secure. Authentication and end to end encryption ensure the privacy of your data. 

Do you have your own database? The United Safety monitoring solution will send data to your company server, giving you the ability to view all your machine data in one place.

Do you have a unique application? United safety will write custom scripts to enable your monitoring solution. The telematics solution provided by United Safety allows for custom scripts to manipulate measured data, report on combinations of events and control outputs. No more customised hardware, use the same monitoring solution every time on every machine.

End to end monitoring for all your machines – United Safety monitoring solution.

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