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haul truck caught on fire

Incident | Haul truck engine fire

The NSW Resources Regulator has reported an incident of a haul truck engine fire in an underground metals mine. According to the report, while driving to the surface park up area, approximately 100...

Tritton underground haul truck fire prosecution

Underground haul truck fire prosecution commences

The NSW Resources Regulator has commenced proceedings against Tritton Resources Pty Ltd, the operator of Tritton Copper Mine, Hermidale, in relation to an underground haul truck fire which occurred...

haul truck burns on a ramp at a nsw mine

Haul truck burns on ramp

A haul truck has burned on a ramp from at a NSW mine. The NSW Resources Regulator reported that about 2 am while driving an empty haul truck down a ramp, a driver had to shut down the truck due to a...

mobile plant drive shaft fire from driveshaft failure

Fires from drive shafts gains focus of regulator

A range of mobile plant and equipment fires stemming from universal joints and drive shafts has drawn the attention of a mining safety regulator. The NSW Resources Regulator has issued a safety...

haul truck destroyed by fire at NSW mine

Fire destroys haul truck

Another plant fire has destroyed a haul truck at an open cut coal mine. Plant and equipment fires at mines across Australia is a concerning trend with a regulator urging mining maintainers to...

haul truck brake hose results in fire

Damaged haul truck brake hose results in fire

Haul truck brake hose inspection critical to minimising fire risks. The dangers of plant fires from leaking hydraulic hoses has been well documented across the Australian mining industry. In an...

Safety Bulletin - drive shaft fire

Safety Alert: Fire in drive shaft of dump truck

While travelling down a haul road, a small fire started in the drive shaft of a dump truck. The driver of the truck travelling behind asked the driver to pull over and advised the driver that there...

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