AMSJ » Damaged haul truck brake hose results in fire

Damaged haul truck brake hose results in fire

haul truck brake hose results in fire
Checking hoses both inside and outside engine bays can prevent fires

Haul truck brake hose inspection critical to minimising fire risks. The dangers of plant fires from leaking hydraulic hoses has been well documented across the Australian mining industry. In an incident this week, a damaged brake hose resulted in a haul truck fire when oil sprayed into an engine bay. Fortunately, an effective fire suppression system controlled the fire.

The NSW Resources Regulator said that ‘a fire occurred on a haul truck at an open cut coal mine. A brake hose failed and sprayed oil into the engine bay, wh

ich ignited. The operator saw flames through the passenger side window. The operator stopped the truck, activated the fire suppression system and left the vehicle safely.’

The Regulator has warned mines that when conducting audits and assessing fuel sources, ensure hydraulic hoses outside the engine bay, as well as other ignition sources, are assessed and maintained to the same standards as those within the engine bay.

In a 2016 incident in South America, a haul truck was destroyed following hydraulic hose leakages. Watch the video of fire trucks extinguishing the haul truck fire.

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