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INCLINOMETERS – Keeping you on uneven ground

Motor vehicle rollovers are known to be one of the most prominent causes of surface fatalities at mine sites. Safe Work Australia found that 127 non-road vehicles were involved in a rollover on a non...

dump truck rollover

Dump truck rolled over

A recent dump truck incident at a Northern NSW Open Cut coal mine has re-inforced the value of seat belts. The operator only received minor injuries but was considerably shaken after hitting a...

Hazards in surface mining operations

Hazards in surface mining operations

The NSW Resources Regulator has published a video which highlights the risks of vehicles interaction. The Regulator stated, “various hazards exist in surface mining operations, including the...

service truck overturned on watered ramp

Service truck overturns on watered service ramp

The NSW Regulator has released details of a Caterpillar 775D service truck that overturned on a service ramp due to gripping on a dry line. The NSW regulator said that “the 775D was descending...

A light vehicle rolled after the driver became distracted from sunshine

Vehicle rolled after contacting bund

A light vehicle rolled at a NSW mine after the driver lost visibility from sunshine and hit a bund. According to the recent report from the NSW mining safety regulator, the light vehicle rolled over...

ADT rollover at NZ Quarry

ADT incident at NZ Quarry

An ADT incident at an NZ Quarry has once again demonstrated potential severity of rollover incidents after an operator was flung through the window of the vehicle coming to rest on the right wheel...

Light vehicle in rollover at NSW Mine

Light vehicle in rollover

A light vehicle rollover has occurred at an open cut coal mine in New South Wales. The light vehicle was exiting a crib hut park-up area. As it turned onto the road, the driver was distracted by a...

excavator rollover in dozer push

Excavator rollover after track crosses dozer push

An excavator has rolled over onto its side in an NSW open cut. According to the regulator’s report, the excavator rollover occurred in a dozer push area after a track went over a 0.5 metre to 1...

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