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Vehicle rolled after contacting bund

A light vehicle rolled after the driver became distracted from sunshine
A Light vehicle rolled over after the driver became distracted from sunshine

A light vehicle rolled at a NSW mine after the driver lost visibility from sunshine and hit a bund.

According to the recent report from the NSW mining safety regulator, the light vehicle rolled over after making contact with a centre bund. 

‘The driver said that the sun was in their eyes as they made a right-hand turn and the vehicle caught the edge of the centre bund causing the vehicle to ride up on one side and roll over.  The driver was not injured” the Regulator said.


Following the vehicle rollover, the Regulator has urged mines to ensure principal hazard management plans for roads or other vehicle operating areas to consider factors that may affect operator visibility or ability to control a vehicle.

It highlighted conditions such as fog, sunlight, storms or dust obstructions that affect lines of sight. 

It also highlighted to mines that drivers should be reminded to travel at speeds suitable for the conditions.

The mining industry has witnessed a significant number of vehicle incidents in recent months with a number of incidents appearing to result from driver-related fatigue or undue care and attention from the operators of vehicles.

In another reported incident this last week a light vehicle rolled onto its roof after making contact with a bund. The vehicle was being driven up a ramp, but the driver cannot recall what happened. The driver was not injured. Inspectors attended the site and determined that the most likely cause was that the driver had a microsleep.

Three weeks ago, a worker was killed after a light vehicle interaction with a dozer at the Snapper mine.

Image NSW Resources Regulator

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