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Hazards in surface mining operations

Hazards in surface mining operations
Hazards in surface mining operations: Roads or other vehicle operating areas

The NSW Resources Regulator has published a video which highlights the risks of vehicles interaction. The Regulator stated, “various hazards exist in surface mining operations, including the principal hazard of roads or other vehicle operating areas. “

Incidents that expose workers to significant health and safety risks due to collisions, rollovers, and interaction of mobile plant is detailed in the video.

Although the severity of the outcomes of recent incidents has ranged from a near miss to minor injuries of personnel involved, the Regulator wants to remind mine operators that the potential outcome of these incidents could have resulted in severe and/or fatal injuries.”

An interaction between a dozer and a light vehicle at the Maules Creek mine in NSW is the subject of the latest investigation release by the NSW Resources Regulator.

The Regulator confirmed that an unoccupied light vehicle was extensively damaged in a collision with a bulldozer on 14 September 2019 after the bulldozer reversed 80m to a park up area at the mine.

The interaction resulted in extensive damage to the Light Vehicle.

As a component of the investigation, the Regulator said that a suitable park up location for light vehicles was not constructed in the work area. During the previous night shift, workers had parked the light vehicle within a bunded area on a light vehicle access road.

It said that the absence of a suitable park up location was not identified in the pre-shift inspection undertaken by the open-cut examiner (OCE) at the start of the shift.

You can read the full information release on the light vehicle dozer interaction on the Regulator’s Website

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