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Take 5 Minutes for Your Safety

Whether you are aiming for Zero Harm, No Accidents Today, Everyone Home Safe or some other gold standard of workplace safety, the key is identifying hazards and controlling risks through a robust...

Mining Truck

Driving down fall-ish behaviour from vehicles

Falls from heights cause serious injuries. Data from SafeWork SA in 2020 identified that falls from trucks resulted in 18 serious injuries. Falls from height remain a high risk in Australian...

coal mine worker injury

Incident involving super large bore inflator adaptors

Queensland Mines Inspectorate has released a worker who has injured at a coal mine. On 25 August 2020 a Coal Mine Worker (CMW) was deflating an ultra-class rear dump truck tyre using a super large...

Hazards in surface mining operations

Hazards in surface mining operations

The NSW Resources Regulator has published a video which highlights the risks of vehicles interaction. The Regulator stated, “various hazards exist in surface mining operations, including the...

AMSJ April 2022