AMSJ » Service truck overturns on watered service ramp

Service truck overturns on watered service ramp

service truck overturned on watered ramp

The NSW Regulator has released details of a Caterpillar 775D service truck that overturned on a service ramp due to gripping on a dry line.

The NSW regulator said that “the 775D was descending a ramp at a surface coal mine that was recently watered. The truck began to slide for about 50 metres, then gripped on the dry line of the ramp, resulting in the truck overturning on to the driver’s side. The operator was not injured.”

It has recommended that all personnel who operate rubber-tyred, heavy mining equipment should be trained on driving techniques in wet conditions. 


Management plans and procedures should identify ramp and cresting speed limits. The recommendations from Safety Bulletin SB18-09 – Overwatering of roads leads to vehicle incidents should be reviewed and fully implemented.

Other information is included on the Queensland Regulator’s site and a great article on overwatering is available here

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