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Safety Mate-Riley Eye Protection Mining

SAFETY MATE: Introducing The Riley Navigator

The result of an extensive research and development project headed up by a specialist team boasting decades of safety eyewear experience, Riley takes a completely fresh look at eye protection with...

Workplace eye injuries are a real concern

Workplace safety is more than just hard hats and steel capped boots. Work-related eye injuries do not typically cause fatalities and are not something we hear about reported in the news, however...

Bolle Rush + Small

Bolle Rush+ Small for smaller narrow faces

Finding the perfect pair of safety glasses to fit your face shape and size can be a problem. Sometimes for those of us with smaller faces, we don’t have the luxury when choosing the right...

procedures for safely removing PPE like safety glasses, goggles, coveralls, respirators

Procedures and sequence for safely removing PPE

Incorrect procedures for donning or doffing personal protective equipment (PPE) including safety glasses/goggles, respirators, coveralls and safety gloves can cause exposure to hazardous materials...

safety eyewear mining mine workers

Safety eyewear in mining

Identifying why some mineworkers still fail to wear safety eyewear is a perplexing question. When people know and understand the risks of an eye injury but still won’t comply with policy or...

safety eyewear

Bollé Safety launches new TRYON range of safety eyewear

Bollé Safety has launched its new unique TRYON range of safety eyewear which are aimed at preventing eye injuries in the Australian mining industry. Two main types are available: TRYON safety...

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