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A BHP work Christmas party had disastrous outcomes for employees after one punched a supervisor

BHP work Christmas party that went horribly wrong

A recent case of the Fair Work Commission involving two BHP workers reportedly punching a ‘noticeably drunk’ supervisor in the face at the Moranbah Bowls Club has highlighted the...

unfair dismissal claim

‘Sour grapes’ unfair dismissal | What not to do!

If you’re thinking about an unfair dismissal claim to seek revenge or inflict damage on your employer, you should think twice. A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission has resulted in...

beard at work battle for a man who was dismissed in a prickly situation

Miner loses beard at work battle with BHP Billiton

AN Adelaide man has been left in a prickly situation, after losing a battle with BHP Billiton for unfair dismissal when he was shaved from the company for having a beard at work. The Fair Work...

Miner Sacked For Drug Use Claims Drink Was Spiked

A mine worker who tested positive to methylamphetamine during a routine mine site drug test has told the Fair Work Commission that she believes her drink was spiked during a hotel drinking binge...

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