AMSJ » Transitioning to digital requires ‘clear’ messaging says expert

Transitioning to digital requires ‘clear’ messaging says expert

Mark Cameron
Mark Cameron

Embracing a more technological approach to business is much easier when communication is easy to understand.

Mark Cameron wants the industry to work harder on ensuring messages are sharp, concise and simple.

“Without clarity on the goals or messaging, the strategy never gets done – and neither does the transformation,” the W3.Digital CEO said at the Procurement and Supply Australasia’s 2022 Premier Confex event.

“Across all industries, business models are changing … [and] business leaders are turning to tech to engage their customers and grow their margins but there is an ongoing duality at play.”

Cameron has found many employers lack a “clear” plan of attack.

“While they have a rough idea of where they want to go the roadmaps are rarely defined and, in too many cases, nobody has the capacity or will to drive the project forward,” he said.

“Despite their desire for digital transformation many businesses do not have a clear strategy in place.”

He urged management to stop relying so heavily on information technology (IT) departments, and incorporate digital transformation into their corporate strategies.

“Rather than relying on your IT team to carry the torch the best option is to support them in the best way possible. This could mean bringing in an experienced external partner – not to replace your IT team but to support them, advocate for them, and get them to communicate with the wider business,” he said.

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