2018 Examination calendar – updates now available

Examinations for certificates of competence are held during the year at scheduled times according to the calendar published on the Resources Regulator website.

As well as the written and oral examination dates, the calendar notes the closing dates for applications to be received for the certificates of competence.

Applications received that are incomplete or after the closing date will be considered for the next scheduled examination.

Changes in the updated calendar include:

  1. Exam dates for the cable repair signatories have been moved forward to earlier in the year.
  2. The Mining and Petroleum Competence Board at its November meeting requested a change to the process for achieving a certificate of competence in the non-coal industry. From 2018, any applicant for a certificate of competence to be either a quarry manager of mines other than underground mines or coal mines, or, a mining engineering manager of underground mines other than coal mines, is to be assessed and pass a written examination before being invited to be assessed and pass an oral assessment. This change brings the non-coal sector into sync with the coal sector process. Oral exam dates have been added in September.

The 2018 examination calendar can be found on the website.

More information on certificates of competence can be found at the mining competence section of the Resources Regulator website.

To contact the Mining Competence Team phone (02) 4063 6461 or 1300 736 122. Email:

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