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AEI offers First High Definition 360 Protection

Technological innovation on mine sites is creating safer workplaces, reducing the potential for injury and accidents caused by mobile mining equipment and machinery. 

New from Auto Electrical Imports’ (AEI) Brigade’s High Definition 360 Kit. This smart product transforms the view of intelligent camera monitoring systems. Providing operators with a top-down full 360-degree view providing monitoring all the way around the vehicle in
real-time. Now available with the added clarity of HD.

Lighting up Australian Mines: celebrating a 20-year global partnership

Complete Mine Safety Compliance Solutions

AEI design, manufacture and distribute world-leading electrical, lighting and safety solutions for the mining, automotive, original equipment manufacturers, transport and construction industries globally.

AEI delivers a comprehensive range of heavy-duty and made-to-order products and systems specifically tailored to the demands of the mining market. The products are tested in Australia, so they are reliable, durable and save time and money.

Moving reverse-vision forward with High Definition.

Offering an even higher level of visibility over traditional reverse cameras and monitors. Brigades first High Definition 360 Kit gives heavy machinery operators a clearer view of their surroundings, even in areas of low light and poor visibility.

Shifting from standard definition to high definition offers a visibility solution that produces a clear and crisp picture. Allowing for earlier detection of potential hazards by operators resulting in quicker reaction times and reduced risk for operators and people.

Control measures that offer an added level of protection.

On mine sites, visual monitoring is essential in meeting health and safety requirements and protecting people and assets from accidents. Brigade’s High Definition 360 Kit is a critical control measure to improve safety and efficiency when operating mining vehicles.

High definition footage can be recorded on Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR), providing excellent clarity and easier recognition of details including buildings or static objects, vehicles and people.

Incidents involving vehicles are time-consuming and often hard to resolve. Having access to recorded high definition footage helps to resolve potential conflicts sooner and determine at-fault parties, which saves time and money.

Importantly, a clear recording can help protect companies and drivers by providing accurate and timely evidence in the case of an incident.

Creating systems with a clear vision.

AEI has the technical expertise to make complex products simple. The company specialise in bringing to market product solutions that put safety first.

The new Backeye 360 system creates the ultimate high definition 360 degree image. It gives drivers the peace of mind of having a quality 360 degree image of their surroundings with unrivalled clarity. It’s a system that is easy to understand, simple to use and will improve operational efficiency.

Additional front, rear, side and reverse camera views can be combined with the 360 degree image to better capture surrounding areas to help eliminate blind spots and protect people and equipment.

Four vehicle-mounted cameras make manoeuvres less dangerous and more efficient for large, heavy vehicles and equipment. Allowing for earlier detection of hazards in low light and harsh conditions.

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